Minibus Transport Services

You really want to do some canoing, but don’t want to be burdened by driving? You are a big group and there are more cars than rental boats?

We can offer you 3 minibuses which will pick you up from your home, quickly and comfortably take you to Salaca River and after the canoing trip take you home again.


Costs of the transport service are determined individually depending on the distance and duration of the trip.

Below you will find four examples of different routes and the approximate prices. The approximate transportation costs are based on assumption that you are picked up from the respective place and taken to Mazsalaca, and after canoing trip taken back to the same place.

Minibus, number of seats Costs, EUR
Rīga Valmiera Tallinn, Estonia Pärnu, Estonia
Small, 15 112 33 130 43
Medium, 20 146 43 170 57
Large, 22 153 45 178 59

* Costs may vary depending on the distance.